BestPack BP Tape

Liberty Packaging believes in offering the best products for the application. Our line of packaging tapes follow this philosophy. There are many options when choosing a tape. We will help you go through the process to determine which tape; mil, width and adhesive best suits what you need in your production facility.

We offer three options in our tape line: Acrylic, High Tack and Hot Melt

BestPack BP Tape Acrylic

Liberty Packaging offers an industrial grade pressure sensitive acrylic packaging tape that uses a specially formulated film and premium Rohm & Haas adhesive for added consistency and quality. Acrylic tapes offer a pricing advantage as well as weather resistance. This adhesive offers a better holding power because the product flows into any porous substrate.

BestPack BP Tape High Tack

The high tack tape is a specially formulated adhesive and film composition to create a high tack property. Using our unique low stretch cast film, BG Carton Sealing Tape is perfect for your difficult and challenging applications where high tack is needed. These challenges include: high recycled corrugated box sealing, overstuffed boxes, and freezer conditions.

BestPack Hot Melt

Using specially formulated cast film and ISO9001 quality standards, Liberty Packaging offers a consistent and durable Hot Melt Tape for those applications needing quick tack & high shear capabilities.

Please see the table below to help choose the correct tape for your application:

Tape Characteristics BP (Acrylic) BP (High Tack) HT (Hot Melt)
Application Temp Range: 32°F - 150°F 32°F - 150°F 32°F - 104°F
Service Temp Range: -30°F - 200°F -30°F - 200°F 30°F - 140°F
Quick Tack:
Usage in Extreme Temperatures
(ideal for freezer/cold & high heat temperature applications):
Clarity (will not discolor over time):
Consistent & Easy Release:
UV Light Resistant:
Long Shelf Life:
High Shear:
ISO 9001 - Quality Standard:
ISO 14001 - Environmental Standard: