Stretch Wrap

Liberty Packaging's philosophy is simple; find the best products to improve our customers' production efficiencies and protect their products at competitive pricing through the latest technology in any given category. We achieve this through our stretch wrap partners. They built customer satisfaction and trust in both the product line and their level of service. They have found a competitive edge in product performance and value, as well as establishing a leadership role in the industry for new product development and technical innovation. In cooperation with our partners, Liberty Packaging is dedicated to strive for excellence and provide leadership in finding packaging solutions.

Liberty Packaging is partnered with the premier manufacturers of stretch film and has a diverse offering of cast hand film. Our hand films offer the highest standard for quality and possess the same crystal clear optics and superior characteristics as our machine film products.

From the extreme versatility of our conventional machine films to the superior load retention of our high performance offerings, our machine films consistently outperform our competitors. No matter the application, our machine films improve load integrity and cost efficiency pallet after pallet.

When selecting the best film for you we believe in doing our due diligence. We go through an extensive test to ensure you are getting the best film for the application. Our testing will highlight the load containment, cost per load and yield per roll as well as showing you a quantitative analysis of the current film being used and the film we recommend. Please see test for example below.