Shrink Wrappers

Case Sealers

Preferred Pack Shrink Tunnels are designed to handle nearly any shrink packaging application. All Preferred Pack tunnels feature fully re-circulating air chambers which provide an even flow of air velocity and temperature from all four directions, ensuring the best possible shrink package. State of the art technology with energy efficiency puts the Preferred Pack line tunnels at the front of the class with years of production.

Semi Automatic Random Case Sealers

Preferred Pack Semi-Automatic L-Sealers are the new industry standard for quality and reliability. From “All-in-One” Chamber machines to stand alone or combo “L-Sealers, Preferred Pack can provide the most efficient and value added shrink packaging sealing solution in the market. The standard and optional features of these sealers will guarantee worry free years of increased production.

Uniform Case Sealers

Full automation of the shrink packaging process provides the best opportunity for increased production and reduced labor costs. The Preferred Pack L’Sealer and Tunnels are the only automated sytem to provide “APA” Automatic Product Adjustment. The operator simply selects the desired program from the one touch panel and the machines will automatically adjust to the stored package size in less than 15 seconds. This feature alone improves production rate by eliminating the “trial and error” adjustment procedure for new package sizes.

The "Quick Shrink 201 High Performance Multi-Purpose" shrink film is a clear biaxally oriented multilayer polyolefin shrink film with the versatility to shrink wrap a wide variety of products. Quick Shrink 201 is a cost effective alternative to crosslinked films. This film combines good gloss and sparkle with excellent shrink capabilities and can be run on most shrink wrapping equipment.

The "Quick Shrink -IR High Performance Crosslinked" shrink film is an advanced biaxilly oriented high clarity crosslinked LLDPE shrink film with the versatility to shrink a wide variety of products. Quick Shrink-IR is formulated and produces to ensure performance characteristics to meet even the toughest shrink wrapping applications. This film is compatible with nearly all shrink wrapping equipment in use today.